Find out what our animal friends Emerson (a ferret), Mendel (an armadillo) and Cicero (a flying squirrel) looked like BEFORE their trip back in time!

OK, so, the time machine didn’t exactly work out, but Mixlings are resilient!

Click on each picture to find out more about these amazing animals on Wikipedia.

flying squirrel

Cicero the Flying Squirrel before her trip in the time machine!


Mendel, the in-charge armadillo, before his Mixling trip!


Emerson the ferret, before his paddle tail and quills!

Here are the animals they were “Mixed” with:


Mendel, the armadillo, was mixed with a raccoon, making him an Armadoon!

paddle tailed beaver

Emerson was mixed with a beaver’s paddle tail, and quills from a porcupine, making him a Beavet!


Here’s where Emerson’s sharp quills came from – the porcupine!


Cicero, the flying squirrel, was mixed with SKUNK DNA, and she became a Skunkel