World Animal Day

Authors: Linda Rossel & Renee Cooley Riegler



Emerson Mixlings in Time

Emerson – the playful ferret, now mixed with porcupine and beaver DNA.  He’s now a Beavet!

Find Out What Happens When a Flying Squirrel, an Armadillo, and a Ferret Travel Back in Time and End Up Changing More Than They Expected

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Celebrate World Animal Day, October 4, 2019, with the launch of a story from authors Renee Cooley Riegler and Linda Rossel told from the eyes of the animals who are “Time Warped” in an effort to save the future of all animals and trees.

After all, what could go wrong? All Cicero, Mendel, and Emerson had to do was to travel back in time, find the extinct plants for the serum to save the forests, and return home before their adventure is discovered. It was not like they were going to become a flying Skunkel, a furry Armadoon, and a ping-pong paddled-tailed, spikey-back Beavet! Their expedition ends up filled with unforeseen dangers and challenges. Would the Mixlings make it home in time? Would they make it home at all?

“We decided to launch the paperback version of Mixlings In Time on World Animal Day to recognize the importance of animals and how they have shaped our lives and cultures, with a special tribute to Cicero, Mendel, and Emerson. It’s not every animal who is willing to risk the unknown to save the forests,” said Linda Rossel, coauthor of the book.

“While the three animal friends learn about the past, they also learn about themselves and what makes them who they are no matter how time changes them,” said Renee Cooley Riegler, coauthor. “We hope readers will enjoy the book as Cicero, Mendel, and Emerson learn from their discoveries and that the readers will learn along with the Mixlings.”

The authors Linda Rossel and Renee Cooley Riegler live in Central Florida. Linda is a writer, photographer, composer, and lyricist. She loves the adventure of travel and is curious, like the Mixlings, about what travel will reveal. Her love of music is reflected in the songs she has written for the Mixlings and posted on their website.

Renee is a writer, editor, and artist. She loves teaching children to use their creativity and to explore life through their imaginations. She too loves travel, especially in the mountains where she became close friends with wild animals. She shares her home with many exotic birds who talk and who have expressed an interest in meeting Cicero, Mendel, and Emerson.

Mixlings In Time is available through Amazon in e-book and paperback formats. The book is written on the young adult level while fun for younger and older adventurers who love animals, trees, discoveries, and unexpected close calls for the Mixlings.

You can learn more about the Mixlings, their adventures, and friends in the past and future. They have posted a website at The site also offers information about the plants needed to save the trees. Learn about Indian Paintbrush, Sundew, and Thompson’s Clover. The characters take their names from famous people who share traits with the Mixlings. The website includes emails to the Mixlings and the authors. For review copies, email a request to the authors at

Cicero, Mendel, and Emerson need your help to complete their mission and to get home. By reading their story you can help them to understand what it is to be a Mixling and to be a part of their extended animal and human family. Please join the Mixlings in their adventure through time as they learn that caring for and helping others is the greatest quest.

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