Mixlings in Time Time Warped, Kids Time Travel Adventure Book

Mixlings in Time: Time Warped. An adventure about a time traveling ferret, armadillo, and flying squirrel, made into new animals during their journey, and their quest to save the forests. Order Now on Amazon.com

Welcome to Mixlings in Time – Time Warped

Children’s Time Travel & Animal Adventure

It is 100 years in the future.

The world’s trees are dying and only one thing can stop it.

A special serum made from plants that are already extinct.


Find out what happens when a graceful flying squirrel, a VERY “in-charge” armadillo, and a playful  ferret travel back in time and become a flying Skunkel, a furry Armadoon, and a ping-pong paddle-tailed, spikey-backed Beavet!

A quick trip back to the past in an untested time machine to find a few plants and save the forests.

No problem! Right?

Not exactly.

Emerson MixlingsThat’s when things went wrong. Very wrong.

The molecule mixer disrupted everything, mixing their DNA with the DNA of other animals. They arrive in the past looking a lot different on the outside. Are they the same on the inside?

Mixlings in Time. A time when you’re not sure who you are anymore.

Maybe being an Armadoon isn’t so bad, after all. It could be worse.

Find out more about Mixlings in Time and meet Emerson, Mendel and Cicero on their pages.  Order your copy now, from Amazon.com


i got the audio book and really loved it.

This is awesome

This story is awesome. If we don't save the forests now, they could be gone later. I love Cicero!

Great for teaching

I teach 5th grade and my students absolutely loved this book. My lesson plans were easy to formulate as there is so much material in this book. It even covers character education, a new requirement. I would highly recommend to other teachers.

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Children's Save the Forests, Time Travel Adventure book
Will Mendel, Emerson and Cicero make it home again?

Can they save the forests?

Find out in Mixlings in Time: Time Warped

Available to order now on Amazon.

Great holiday gift and stocking stuffer!