Meet Mendel.  The leader of the pack, he maintains control at all times – or, at least, tries to.  He is trustworthy, punctual and logical – a kind of animal Spock.  His sturdy armadillo armor keeps him safe from danger. He is a natural leader with an answer for everything – everything except his new appearance.

Now mixed with raccoon DNA, he has a raccoon face, a ring of fur behind his head and in the middle of his sturdy body, ending with a bushy, raccoon tail.  Only part of his midsection still has the hard shell he loved so much.  This is not ok with Mendel.  The fur makes him look less imposing and he stays wet longer until his new fur dries.  He was perfect the way he WAS.

Mendel’s favorite color is navy blue. He likes hot Mexican food and lively music.  He can sometimes be bossy, but he is a true friend and compassionate to a fault (but don’t let anyone know!).  Mendel is hard outside and soft inside, like the M&M’s he loves.

Mendel is determined to get everyone safely home, with the right ingredients for the professor’s potion to save the forests.  He must succeed.  Armadoons always do.

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Mendel’s namesake is Gregor Mendel, born in 1822 in Austria.  He was a botanist and teacher and is credited with founding the science of genetics.

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