Jonathan needs these special plants to make his tree-saving serum.  Can the Mixlings find these plants and travel back to the lab with them, in time?

Indian paintbrush flower - Mixlings in Time

Indian Paintbrush, by Karen Cole


Indian Paintbrush flowers are named for the spiky blooms that look like paint brushes dipped in a bright red or orange paint!

They are also known as Castilleja.

Indian paintbrush wildflowers grow in forest clearings and grasslands.







Sundew, by Karen Cole


Sundews are carnivorous plants.  That means they like to eat bugs!

Sundews trap bugs with a sticky substance that attracts the bugs.  The leaves will close to trap them.

Sundews are found in bogs, as our Mixlings found out!







Thompsons Clover

Thompson’s Clover, by Karen Cole

Thompsons Clover is a flowering plant that appears in Washington State. It is a large clover with beautiful red-lavender flowers.

Thompsons Clover can be found in forest areas, where it is cooler and moist.

The Thompson Clover Research Natural Area was established in 1977 in the Wenatchee National Forest to study the clover.


Special thanks to Artist Karen Cole for her wonderful paintings of the Indian Paintbrush, Sundew, and Thompsons Clover.