Emerson MixlingsBeavets just want to have fun!  The former ferret’s personality didn’t change, but his body sure did!  Just what is a fun-loving ferret to do with porcupine quills, and a flat beaver tail?  Well it certainly improved his favorite game of ping pong.  With paddle equipment ‘attached’ to him at all times, he’s always ready for a game.  Actually, his spikes are kinda useful, too.  Makes it easier to carry chocolate donuts.*  Ah, chocolate.  Yes, Emerson’s got a sweet tooth bigger than his body.

Playful and inquisitive, Emerson is the life of the party – even when there is no party. He doesn’t want to miss anything and loves excitement and adventure.  Too much, sometimes.  That keeps Mendel very busy, keeping Emerson in line.

Emerson’s favorite color is ‘neon orange‘.  He loves to try new things – especially new chocolate things.  Lively music is his favorite.  Being a ferret was fun, but being a Beavet is incredible!

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Emerson’s namesake is Ralph Waldo Emerson, born in 1803 in Boston, Massachusetts.  He was a great American lecturer, poet and writer.

*While Emerson loves chocolate, especially chocolate donuts, he wants his friends to know that chocolate can be unhealthy for ferrets and other animals.  Chocolate should not be given to animals.  One of the good things in the future is that some animals, including Emerson, have developed a tolerance to chocolate and donuts.  “Please ask an adult or do some research online before you share foods with your animal friends.  Don’t forget to check questions out at a library too, as it is one of my favorite places, but remember not to eat chocolate donuts in the library,” added Emerson.

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