Ciero, The Flying Skunkel in Mixlings in TimeCicero’s life was ‘virtually perfect’ until now.  She loved living with the professor and helping him in the lab. She was so grateful to him for saving her and the others that she would do anything for him.  Even this.

Cicero had changed the least during the journey back in time. Still basically a flying squirrel, her fur had turned black with a big white stripe from her head, down the middle of her back to the tip of her tail.  She had hoped that was the only change, although she didn’t like looking skunkish.  The odor that she can’t seem to control yet- skunkel smell – has its benefits!

Sympathetic and caring on the one hand, Cicero could also be very outspoken about her beliefs and could be very focused too. She does not like to give up and tries to bring out the best in everyone.

Cicero’s favorite color is magenta! She loves the special roasted peanuts that the professor prepares for her as a treat. She is full of hope and dreams of a perfect future.  It will be, if they succeed.

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Cicero’s namesake is Marcus Tullius Cicero, born 106 BCE in Italy.  He was a Roman statesman, lawyer, writer and scholar.  Cicero was a great speaker and he is credited with a great many quotes!

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