Mixlings in Time Time WarpedMixlings in Time: Time Warped

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Time travel.  Morphing.  Adventure.

Three animal heroes, Cicero the flying squirrel, Mendel the armadillo, and Emerson, the ferret, join together and travel back in time, searching for special plants that are extinct in their time.  All to save the forests of the future.

They get more than they bargained for when they land in the past, ‘reconfigured’ by the time machine’s molecule mixer, and become Mixlings in Time: Time Warped.

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Mendel the Armadoon

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Mixlings in Time - Time Warped
Average rating:  
 38 reviews
by Kyle on Mixlings in Time - Time Warped
The kids loved it

My kids are 9 and 11 and they both loved this book. It's just the right length and enough adventure and twists to keep them interested. Recommended for kids and kids at heart (I enjoyed it too)

by Timm on Mixlings in Time - Time Warped
I like the armadoon

The armadoon is awesome.

by Maureen on Mixlings in Time - Time Warped
Oprah should read this!

This is a different look at time travel, morphing and most especially, how to get along and persevere through adversity. Would make a great book club read.

by Karlie on Mixlings in Time - Time Warped
New animals

I loved this book, its adventures and its message. I have a daughter who is struggling with physical challenges and she loved these characters and how they managed to stay the same inside, while having experienced big changes to their outside appearances during their trip back in time. It really resonated with her and I hope others with challenges find this book to be a help (and hope) to them as well. The story and characters are very relatable.

by Derik on Mixlings in Time - Time Warped
Armadoons and Skunkels and Beavets

These unique characters are destined to become beloved friends. There truly is nothing like this story and these characters and they were enjoyable from the start. This is a great Christmas stocking stuffer gift.

by Erin on Mixlings in Time - Time Warped
Fun for kids and adults

This is a fun book. My kids loved it, and I really liked the messages of saving the forests and being yourself, no matter what challenges you face. Would highly recommend it to others. The website makes it even more fun for the kids.

by David on Mixlings in Time - Time Warped
This is great!

Love the book. Would like if it was a little longer. Very creative. My kids loved the mixlings. I recommend it!

by Coleanne on Mixlings in Time - Time Warped
I love Cicero

I love Cicero the flying skunk. you should do a book about her. my friends like her too

by Lisa on Mixlings in Time - Time Warped

I have a ferret and Emerson really captures his fun side. Cannot imagine how a ferret would feel if he couldn't squeeze into tight places because his new paddle tail and spikes. Very creative writing!

by Chris on Mixlings in Time - Time Warped
Great new characters

Could really identify with the characters. They are unique and the adventure is fun. Recommend for kids and adults alike.

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