Mixlings in Time Time WarpedMixlings in Time: Time Warped

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Time travel.  Morphing.  Adventure.

Three animal heroes, Cicero the flying squirrel, Mendel the armadillo, and Emerson, the ferret, join together and travel back in time, searching for special plants that are extinct in their time.  All to save the forests of the future.

They get more than they bargained for when they land in the past, ‘reconfigured’ by the time machine’s molecule mixer, and become Mixlings in Time: Time Warped.

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Mendel the Armadoon

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Mixlings in Time - Time Warped
Average rating:  
 47 reviews
by Cynthia on Mixlings in Time - Time Warped
The importance of trees

Trees and their importance to the environment is the highlight of the book. Having fun animals and time travel makes it interesting. Recommend this book for kids and adults who enjoy an imaginative story.

by Drake on Mixlings in Time - Time Warped
Really like the book

This is an action adventure book that features 3 mixed animals who travel in time to save the forests. What a great plot. The kids loved it. Lots of lessons about staying true to yourself and getting along.

by Jason on Mixlings in Time - Time Warped

When are the toys and tshirts coming out? I want an Emerson one!

by Clarissa on Mixlings in Time - Time Warped
A Flying Skunk

The imagination of the authors in creating the characters in this book is truly amazing. A flying skunk, a hybrid ferret with flat beaver tale and porcupine quills, and a furry armadillo - what fun!

by Kristin on Mixlings in Time - Time Warped
Book Signing

Looking forward to the Barnes & Noble Book Signing on December 7 at Waterford Lakes!!

by Joe on Mixlings in Time - Time Warped
They look like fun

I liked the flying skunk, the furry armadilo and the funny ferret with his tail and spikes. The songs are super.

by Robby on Mixlings in Time - Time Warped
It rocks!

This book rocks! The animals try to save the dying forests and go back in time but get changed into something else - wow! I like the book.

by Liza on Mixlings in Time - Time Warped
Super reading

The authors came to our school and read some of the book and played the songs. We really liked it. Can't wait to read the whole book.

by Kathrine on Mixlings in Time - Time Warped
Awesome fun!

This book is awesome fun. Can't even begin to imagine how much fun a flying skunk would be! She should be a drone that sprays skunkel spray!

by Kyle on Mixlings in Time - Time Warped
The kids loved it

My kids are 9 and 11 and they both loved this book. It's just the right length and enough adventure and twists to keep them interested. Recommended for kids and kids at heart (I enjoyed it too)

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