Emerson Cicero Mendel Mixlings

Mendel used to be a sturdy armadillo.  During his trip back in time, his DNA was mixed with raccoon and now he’s an Armadoon. Emerson started out as a friendly ferret. He was mixed up with porcupine and beaver DNA and he’s now a Beavet. Cicero, the flying squirrel, is now a Skunkel – half flying squirrel and half SKUNK!  Find out what happened in Mixlings in Time.

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Have you ever seen an Armadoon™?

What about a Skunkel™?

Well, then, you’ve certainly never seen a Beavet™!

We didn’t think so……

They knew they shouldn’t have tried it out.  The professor’s time machine was almost ready, but it really wasn’t ready enough to transport anyone safely.

Even for a good reason?

Apparently not.

Far in the future, on our own planet Earth, the world was changing.  A deadly tree virus was slowly killing off all the trees, leaving a barren and lifeless landscape in its wake. The only hope left was to make a special serum that Professor Jonathan Greenleaf was working on. He needed three special plant ingredients to complete it, but those plants were already extinct.  The only way to stop the virus was to travel back in time for them.

His machine was almost ready.  Almost.  When the professor left to attend a scientific conference to solve the last remaining problems with the molecule mixer, Emerson, a friendly and curious ferret; Cicero, an adventurous flying squirrel; and Mendel, a very in charge armadillo, decided to help the professor out and travel back in time for the plants.

That’s when the trouble started.

The molecule mixer was DEFINITELY not working right. After landing in the past, they found out they were mixed up with the DNA of other animals, creating Mixlings.

Emerson came out the strangest. The once nimble and slinky ferret was now saddled with a flat beaver paddle tail and sharp porcupine quills arranged in a straight line down the middle of his back. He could barely walk with all of this new equipment, much less run.  Not that a flying skunk is much better. Cicero was proud to be a flying squirrel and now here she was, tarnished by the image of a skunk.

Don’t even ASK Mendel what he thinks of his new look. His sturdy armadillo body was perfect the way it was. He certainly didn’t need a masked raccoon face and bushy ringed tail. Fur was definitely not his thing. He did not like this one bit.

They looked at each other, startled by what they saw, but unable to change it, and determined to go ahead with the plan. Only one week to find the plants and travel back. Would they make it?

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Mixlings in Time Time Warped

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