About the Authors of Mixlings in Time


Author of Mixlings in Time, Linda RosselLinda Rossel is a fiction writer, photographer, composer and lyricist. She loves technology and is an early adopter of tech-related advancements.

Her Mixling-inspired song, ‘I’m Still Me,” conveys the individuality and personalities of the Mixlings on their journey through time. No matter how much they have changed in their outside appearance, their original personalities remain the same. Linda has written several other songs for Mixlings in Time, including Dexter Vermone’s evil theme, “I Will Get You.”

She enjoys the adventure of travel and has traveled extensively, visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites located in six of the seven continents.



Renee Cooley RieglerRenee Cooley Riegler is a writer, editor, and artist. Professionally, she has edited two weekly newspapers, books, and the work of a staff of writers. Her experience as a journalist for weekly and daily publications has given her the opportunity to encourage children to write by publishing their poetry and stories.

She is a published poet; feature, business, and marketing writer; and fiction author. Her favorite work has been writing and developing fun learning programs for children of all ages.

Renee, a long time Floridian, spent many years living in North Carolina and loves the forests and all animals. She shares her home with exotic birds who call her by name.

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